Spring’s In Full Force!!!

Smoothies are a huge deal to me!  It’s what made me bond with my husband.  When I lived in LA, he used to visit me on a long weekend while we maintained our long distance relationship.  I remembered we’d go to the Jamba Juice in Manhattan Beach and he would order the largest sized smoothie.  And then he’d finish it in about 10 minutes.  I was always amazed by how quickly he drank cold beverages and strangely, it was kind of sexy!  It’s really what did it for me and so I married him!

But I also realized how expensive smoothies can be.  His 32 oz size and my smaller 16 oz size would run us about $12 a trip.  Yikes!  And I also wanted to be in control with what types of ingredients I used in my smoothies.  So when I saved enough money to get a Vitamix, I jumped right on it.  Vitamix people!  It’s one of the best investments you can make for your kitchen.  Get it!

Today I come to you with a great spring/summer smoothie.  Here’s what you need:

  • Berries (I used strawberries and blueberries because they were in season and they’re also my favorites)
  • Peach (I always find it really important to make smoothies with different fruits from different families.  Adding a peach or an orange to an all berry shakes gives it that depth of flavor I look for)
  • Milk (I recently found out I am allergic to dairy.  I decided to experiment with raw milk and it has changed my life.  Please do your own research about consuming raw dairy before following any of my recipes, but I love it!  You can just use regular milk or any form of liquid you’d like here.)
  • Honey (I used raw honey here that I got at the awesome Ballard market.  This jar is going to last me a lifetime I tell ya!)
  • Option: Chia Seeds or Flax Seeds (I often add chia seeds in my shakes for extra fiber.  But today I opted out.)

5.29.2014_Shake Post 2


Put all these yummy ingredients in your handy dandy Vitamix or blender with some ice and wah-lah!  I’m pretty sure that’s not how you spell wah-lah but let’s just go with it!

5.29.2014_Shake Post

Ahhh…imagine having this in your hand, on a sunny afternoon, laying in your backyard with a nice book.  Now that’s what I call a great day!

Try it out and let me know what your favorite smoothie ingredients are so I can try them out as well!